Allergen Statement

We want to serve those with allergies as we have many of the same challenges you have as well, but we have to remind you that we are not a dedicated facility for any allergen. Please bookmark this page as we will update any allergen information.

Gluten-based products, dairy, soy, almond milk and corn are present in our kitchen. There is ALWAYS a risk of cross-contamination in our kitchen whether because of product or human-error.  Certain products used  in Big Baby are produced in facilities that prepare other nut-based products (for example, we may use chocolate M & Ms which are produced in a facility that also produces Peanut M & Ms).  

For those with allergens, we are advising anyone who calls, emails or facebooks to answer your questions but to ultimately refer you to this page for the most current list of potential allergens. If you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you not purchase our product or please message in advance Melissa Mackey, the operating partner at


Gluten: all of our "regular" products and 90% of our vegan items contain gluten.   If you are avoiding gluten, our gluten-free items are made with gluten-free ingredients in our kitchen. The steps we currently take for our GF products are to prepare our GF dough and proof said dough in the kitchen before anything else is prepared, clean and sanintize between doughs and use of dedicated servers, a dedicated fryer and dedicated oven.  This is the process we are currently using but we are learning--again, our kitchen is not a gluten-free kitchen so there is always a risk of cross-contamination. For those who are vegan AND gluten-free, we came up with an awesome hand pie that is both vegan and GF. Flavors change so come by to see what we baked up!

Dairy: all of our "regular" and gluten-free items contain dairy. 

Corn: We are thankful to the education we have received from many of our clients about the prevalence of corn! There is corn in our GF cake donuts and our vegan cake donuts.  There is also cornstarch in the powdered sugar we use so none of the cinnamon rolls are currently corn-allergy safe. Other icings and other toppings will need to be asked about on an on-going basis and as those recipes are finalized we will update here. 

Soy: Our Vegan Tofu&*&$ Awesome Roll contains soy. We now use a soy-based shortening because our donuts were frying too dark. 

Nut: We are now a peanut free kitchen!!!! Our current nut situation is we use one nut in one product filling in our Vegan Tofu&*&$ Awesome Roll which has cashew in the filling.  We no longer use nuts as toppings for certain donuts or rolls, but if that ever changes we will identify those in the items's description.